‘Backdoor to Chyna’: the loveliest sex tape ever!

Chyna unstoppable

Backdoor is the best way to come in when you tried all others. Just picture this scene. She does it hot, does mechanical moves, all like a sequence of free falls, they make you nuts, make you lose your head. And she is strong, famous, really gorgeous. Exact case how it goes with Chyna.

Ninth wonder of the world

Chyna achieved an unbelievable level of fame in her wrestling career making the whole World Wrestling Federation crazy about her. She had so many fans and colleagues fascinated by her charm and over-the-top stage skills. Even if you aren’t fallen by the world of wrestling, you might have learnt a few names. One of them is Chyna.

Wise girl

Her story begins back in 1969 in New York, Rochester. Young Joan Marie Laurer played violin and cell, imagine those sad melodies she performed for her mom and dad divorced when she was just a child. A father was a big problem though, alcoholic, so there where several stepfathers then. There was a story that she was kissed by an older teacher at school, that affects young mind still. She had bulimia nervosa and was supposed to leave her high school for a rehab, started doing workouts, succeeded good afterwards and finished her school in Spain. There she graduated University of Tampa as a major in Spanish literature, she also learnt German and French.

Bad behavior

Jean Marie also well known for her specific behavior in interviews and real life. Here is what she says about herself: ‘Actually I am who I am. There are identity crises for the fans and also amongst the talent, I think. There are some people that put themselves in a certain position where they feel that if they break character too much, that will affect the person who is going to buy the next Pay-Per-View to see what happens to them — and that affects them financially and professionally. It’s all intertwined, and so sometimes that line is very difficult to break. For me it’s a choice I made ahead of time. I can’t live my life like that. I have to be separate.”

Backdoor to Chyna with the best discount!

That same sex tape that you should see if you feel like broadening the limits of your imagination. Here you get Joan Marie such as you’ve never seen before. There is an anal with Evan Stone and threesome with Billy Glide and Dayana Vendeta, sexy toys included, finally she did it with Jerry and Mick. Get discounted access to all five scenes of Chyna sex tape with hardoffers.com. You get 75% off and what her aggressive style like never before. The price will go down to $9.97. Alluc.ee also presents us this rare tape and movie4k.tv. And there is no better place to see a movie than at the studio where it came from. ‘Backdoor to Chyna’ is released by vivid entertainment and can be accessed at vivid.com.
Chyna is no more with us since 2016, we are very sad for the loss, but the deeper she goes in our memories. Her fame and glory will never die.

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